Grand Lodge
Independent Order Of
Odd Fellows
Of The State Of New York


Odd Fellow Lodges By Districts

With District Deputy Grand Masters


DDGM: Raymond Morris
161  Uncas-Manlius - Lafayette                                                1st, 3rd Wednesdays
168  Arbeit               - Mexico                                                           2nd, 4th Thursdays
796  Kelloggsville    -Kelloggsville                                                1st, 3rd Thursdays


DDGM: Richard C. Wulff

174  Corinth               - Corinth                                                      2nd, 4th Thursdays
321  Mountaineer     - Albany                                                           2nd, 4th Mondays
699  Vigilant               - Waterford                                                2nd, 4th Wednesdays
717  Mount Pleasant-  Schenectady                                            2nd, 4th Tuesdays


DDGM: Kathie Bays
22 Erie                      - Cheecktowaga                                           2nd, 4th Thursdays
98 United                  - Lockport                                                       2nd, 4th Tuesdays
187 Orchard Park    - Orachard Park                                       2nd, 4th Wednesdays
307 Sacarissa Bell Rose - Lewiston                                           2nd, 4th Thursdays
795 Kenmore-Fideltiy - Williamsville                                      1st, 3rd, 5th Tuesdays


DDGM: David B. Williams

266 Rome               - Rome                                                               2nd, 4th Mondays
447 Centennial       - Oneonta                                                          1st, 3rd Tuesdays
669 Tusarora           - Hamilton                                                                        Mondays
944 Jonathan          - Utica                                                                  1st, 3rd Mondays

Hudson Valley

DDGM: Peter Brawley

18  Lafayette        - Wappingers Falls                                            1st, 3rd Thursdays
34  Wawayanda   -Warwick                                                                               Fridays


DDGM: Alan Rada

404 Borogh Park  -Brooklyn                                                               1st, 3rd Mondays
456 Abraham Lincoin -Brooklyn                                                                 Thursdays


DDGM: Jack Goldstein

8 Teoronto           - Rochester                                                            1st, 3rd Mondays
138 Humboldt        - Rochester                                                                 Wednesdays
785 Gideon          - Rochester                                                          2nd, 4th Tuesdays


DDGM: Marshall Brooks

19 Laurelton Central Nassu- Hewlett                                          1st, 3rd Tuesdays
125 Mineola Pacific  - East Meadow                                           2nd, 4th Thursdays
146 Guardain Newstead Worth - Queens Village                    1st, 3rd Thursdays
247 Rockville Center - Rockville Center                                  1st, 3rd Wednesday

New York No. 4

DDGM: Alan Koreff

2   Liberty- NYC                                                                             1st, 3rd Wednesdays
36 Lane   -NYC                                                                                   1st, 3rd Tuesdays
185 Manhattan Kiss - NYC                                                                2nd, 4th Tuesdays
233 Hispano America - Bronx                                                                              Fridays
387 Greater City Marshall- NYC                                                  1st, 3rd Wednesdays
673 Peter Cooper  -NYC                                                                   2nd, 4th Tuesdays

Northern Hudson Valley

DDGM: William Morgan

379 Christain        - Red Hook                                                          2nd, 4th Mondays
903 Pine Plains    -Pine Plains                                                 1st, 3rd Wednesdays


DDGM: Woody Daugherty

94 Corning  - Corning                                                                       2nd, 4th Tuesdays
251 Hornell - Hornell                                                                           1st, 3rd Mondays
434 Stanley - Gorham                                                                      2nd, 4th Thursdays

St. Lawrence

DDGM: Brenda Francey

41 Seaway - Ogdensburg                                                          2nd, 4th Wednesdays
328 Lakeside - Redwood                                                                              Thursdays


DDGM: Murton Brown

462 Roanoke - Rivehead                                                                               Thursdays


DDGM: Richard Faro

515  Boilvar- Boilvar                                                                                         Mondays

Wishing to visit a lodge within New York, Please contact The Webmaster. And we will get you in contact with someone withing that area.
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